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I have always had a dream of writing a book.  It's on my bucket list and although I have always written little things; poems, children's stories, etc. I have never attempted to publish for fear of know-how and rejection.

 Until one day, while waiting for my father's spinal surgery date to arrive, the inspiration hit and grabbed me by the hand. 

I had nothing but a pen and paper and my hand flew trying to keep up with my mind.


That was October 1, 2018, and since then I have created a series, published four books in my Bondy Mountain Series.

I also moved back to IN to care for my mom and enjoyed a meet and greet book signing thanks to a dear friend!

Yes, I checked that one off my bucket list too!

And why? I do it all for your entertainment! Trust me all the work is for you to allow yourself to escape from your world to a new and different place. Hopefully picking up a new word, perspective, or a little history along with some tears, laughter, and joy!

I do sincerely hope you enjoy my overactive imagination and the characters from my Bondy Mountain Series!

My journey is only beginning, please join me for the ride...




Just wanted to thank everyone that came
Please join me! No, really pulleezzze! #
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