I have always had a dream of writing a book.  It's on my bucket list and although I have always written little things; poems, children's stories, etc. I have never attempted to publish for fear of know-how and rejection.

 Until one day, while waiting for my father's spinal surgery date to arrive, the inspiration hit and grabbed me by the hand. 

I had nothing but a pen and paper and my hand flew trying to keep up with my mind.


That was October 1, 2018, and since then I have created a series, published four books in my Bondy Mountain Series.

I also moved back to IN to care for my mom and enjoyed a meet and greet book signing thanks to a dear friend!

Yes, I checked that one off my bucket list too!

And why? I do it all for your entertainment! Trust me all the work is for you to allow yourself to escape from your world to a new and different place. Hopefully picking up a new word, perspective, or a little history along with some tears, laughter, and joy!

I do sincerely hope you enjoy my overactive imagination and the characters from my Bondy Mountain Series!

My journey is only beginning, please join me for the ride...




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