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After a shocking turn of events in Saul’s seemingly routine and comfortable life, he sets out to find his true path and ends up at a trading post known as The Pass in the southwest corner of North Carolina.

The meticulously built and stocked dogtrot consists of a combination diner, bar, and mercantile that gives respite to the weary travelers heading west. Sometimes, all it takes is a hot meal, fair prices, and perhaps a turn with one of the two soiled doves to keep a person going. Realizing what a diamond in the rough he has found Saul seizes the opportunity and purchases the business.

With high hopes and unlimited resources, thanks to a secret inheritance, Saul sets out with the help from the mountain folk, the original owner, and the two soiled doves to make a place where all are welcome, a place where people can meet their pasts head-on and deal with the hurt, pain, and sorrow together. Saul doesn’t want just a trading post now, he wants to build a town and he wants the fiery redhead beauty, Ruby to share it with.

But when the past means to find you, it usually does and it’s best to be prepared. Stunned with an unexpected telegram and a trip back east, Saul finally realizes just what he has to lose but can he finally put the past behind him and convince Ruby that his love for her is real and true before it’s too late?

Come visit the town of Mountain Pass and see how it all began. Join Saul on his perilous journey to find a true home, true happiness, and true love.

If you enjoyed A Rose's Promise, A Gypsy's Promise, An Orphan's Promise, and A Cherokee Promise, then don't miss buying the fifth book in the Bondy Mountain Series, A Town's Promise.

A Town's Promise

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