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A Rose's Promise

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Abandoned on Bondy Mountain as an infant, Rose learned the healing ways of nature at an early age. But Granny taught her much more than the homeopathic medicine and her love of the mountain located in the southwest corner of North Carolina. She introduced her to the Cherokee Wind Clan where their medicine woman encouraged her to embrace the visions she’d always thought a curse.

Her world abruptly changed the moment Mel Thornton was told she could sing. Taken against her will, Rose grew up quickly. Forced to entertain for strangers, it took her years to finally see the truth and make a daring escape back to her mountain.

Grey Two-Bears Aspen never forgot the beautiful young woman and the electrical connection they shared when one of her visions saved his brother. Even after all these years, he and the Wind Clan never gave up hope.

Can Rose find the strength she needs to fight the past and the horrible truths she discovers, to have a future with Grey, fulfilling a rose’s promise of hope and new beginnings?

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