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A Gypsy's Promise

Zelda comes from a long bloodline of Romani Gypsies born to entertain and travel. After arriving in America, her carefree life slowly starts to unravel.

Luna is a leads a carefree life and likes to make trouble. But her fun goes too far and she ends up shunned and alone. Her parents ask Zelda to go with their daughter and look out for the wild girl.

Feeling like she owes the family, she must leave behind her soul mate Luca, along with their future. Zelda struggles to keep Luna away from the only options available for a beautiful young girl in 1835 but Luna is hard-headed and they end up in the clutches of a manipulative saloon owner.

​With help, Zelda embarks on a Gypsy’s promise to find those forgotten and help them to find their true path. But can she find her way as well? Will it lead back to Luca or is the past better kept in the past?

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